President Trump Goes Against Fauci, Wants Schools To Reopen

Friday, May 15, 2020

President Trump believes governors should open schools to get “our country coming back.”

U.S. President Donald Trump countered Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and a member of the White House coronavirus taskforce. Trump, on Wednesday, said that the virus has had “very little impact” on children and that schools should “absolutely” reopen.

“I think you should absolutely open the schools. Our country has got to get back and it’s got to get back as soon as possible, and I don’t consider our country coming back if the schools are closed,” said Trump on Wednesday as he and other officials pressure state governors to begin reopening their economies.

These remarks came one day after Fauci, along with top officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services, testified before the Senate Health, Labor and Pensions Committee. Fauci spoke about how to reopen businesses and schools.

During several exchanges of information and dialogue with members of the committee, Fauci cautioned that the decision to open schools to soon could not only lead to a spike in infections, but also set the economy even further back. New severe inflammatory responses being reported in children infected by COVID-19 are cause for concern and show that even the country’s top medical experts don’t fully understand the virus.

“The idea of having treatments available, or a vaccination, to facilitate the reentry of students into the fall term would be something that would be bit of a bridge too far,” Fauci said to the committee.

When asked by reporters about whether the president shares Fauci’s concerns about the reopening of schools, Trump called Fauci’s answers to the Senate committee unacceptable.

“I was surprised by his answer. To me it’s not an acceptable answer especially when it comes to schools.”

Trump went on to say that the virus has had “very little impact on young people.”

The president did show concern for educators, nearly one-third of whom are over 55 and therefore at greater risk of having a severe infection.

“If you’re an instructor, if you’re a teacher, a professor over a certain age like let’s say 65 or maybe even if you want to be conservative, 60, perhaps you want to say out for a little while longer.”

What might this mean for the nation's high schools? Time will tell as education administrators and educators make decisions regarding the reopening of schools.

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