Online College Orientation Questions

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

High school students who are set to attend college this coming school year, whether in person or online, should take a look at these orientation session questions to get an idea of what kinds of facts they'll wanna learn about their future higher education institutions.

Many high school students who have earned their high school diploma and plan to start college this year will be attending online or in-person orientation sessions at their respective colleges. It is most likely that these orientation sessions will be online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn about campus safety.

  • Does the university employ police officers or have its own security guards?
  • What kind of security methods are in place for entering residence halls and other student spaces?
  • How does the school communicate with its students in an emergency?
  • How is sexual assault or harassment handled on campus?
  • How does the university approach drug and alcohol violations—both on and off campus?

Learn about health insurance.

  • Find out if your health insurance is accepted by the university or nearby providers.
  • Learn how out-of-network providers will be paid.
  • Learn about the university’s health plan.

Ask about campus housing options, specifically in times of COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and colleges and universities plan for online college semesters, it might be true that living on campus will not be a reality for many students. While the pandemic may not continue “forever”, it is still important to get an idea of how on-campus housing will most likely be impacted by social and physical distancing measures in the future. Students who find themselves in situations where they will be on campus this year will also want to learn how coronavirus prevention measures affect their on-campus life.

For those who are going to live on-campus, the following will be helpful:
  • Learn how roommate policies have likely changed during the pandemic.
  • Ask how dining options will be provided.

Find out what academic advising resources are available for you.

Start by learning how advisers are assigned and how you can get in touch with them!
Learn what the process is like when it comes to picking majors and selecting classes for each semester.

Learn about the career development resources that your college has to offer.

Many colleges and universities have a career development center that dedicates itself to advising college students in professional career goals. Learn what your school has to offer! Advisers at these centers can help you sharpen your resume, prepare for job interview and advise you on how to create and maintain professional networks in the future as well.

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