The Pros and Cons of Working a Job while in School

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

There are always two sides to every coin and it is no different when it comes to deciding whether or not to work while completing high school.

According to information from the U.S. Census Bureau as cited by Walden University, around 30% of high school students in 2011 held a job for at least part of the school year. 

For many high school students, working a job provides spending money in order to have a social life. For many others, working is a necessary to help the family make ends meet and to even save for a future college education. Either way, working a job is another task on top of working to earn a high school diploma.

Forget about the money for a quick second, although we know that, ultimately, if it is a necessity then a student will work no matter what.

Let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of working while in High School. We hope that with these Pros and Cons, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing whether or not to work while in high school!

What are the Pros of Holding a Job while in High School?

  • Students learn, through their own experience, about the relationship between earnings and education. High school students usually work low-income jobs that require little to no education. These are jobs that may help earn an extra buck or help a family make ends meet, but not jobs that can help sustain a person independently. This lesson can help make it clear that, in order to earn a good living, a solid education is essential.
  • Working during high school can teach students about the value of money! Without a job, high schoolers rely on other people’s money such as a weekly allowance given to them by their parents. Having a job teaches one about money and helps them understand the value of a dollar.
  • Students can learn how to manage their own budget. You can see how quickly hard-earned money can disappear on frivolous spending or save up for something that means a lot to you.
  • Working while in school will teach students important time-management skills because students will have to learn how to balance a job with their studies.
  • Holding a job can give you more confidence! Students can feel more capable and independent.
  • Jobs can also help students stay out of trouble as they will be spending their time working to earn money. 

What are the Cons of Holding a Job while in High School?

  • Holding a job can harm academic achievement. If students work upward of 20 hours a week, they will no longer have enough time to truly dedicate themselves to their studies.
  • While many jobs, especially those in the service industry, teach students people skills that can be useful later on, very few entry-level jobs will teach high-level skills.
  • Depending on a student’s experience with a job, some may end up with negative views about work. 
  • Jobs take away personal time as well. High school students may want to earn their own buck to have a social life, but not be able to socialize because of the time they spend working.
  • Working a job can lead to fatigue. Students may not always be able to sleep and eat well while working a job. 

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