Why is it important to study a language in High School?

Monday, January 11, 2021

Many high schoolers across the U.S. have the choice to study a language.

Choosing to invest time in studying and learning a foreign language during high school can help boost your prospects for success, whether you are looking to venture into higher education at one of the U.S.’ many top colleges and universities or enter the workforce as a trained professional after earning your high school diploma.

Take a second to learn more about why it is important to study a language in high school.

High school students can increase their self-confidence and personal achievement.

Learning a second language after childhood is no easy feat! Learning another language will push you to develop both intellectually and emotionally. High school students become skilled communicators and learn that they are capable of reaching their goals when they set their minds and hearts to it. 

College bound high schoolers can boost their prospects for admission to top colleges and universities.

Knowing a second language, or even a third language, is a fantastic boost to your college applications! If you are interested in attending college after earning your high school diploma, then gaining proficiency in a foreign language during high school will be a great way to show focus, drive, and global knowledge.

Students who learn a foreign language can have better career prospects moving on from high school.

Once you earn your high school diploma, you will want to enter the world of higher education and/or the professional workforce. Foreign language skills can help give you the competitive edge you are looking for throughout college and beyond!

Professionals with foreign language skills are always in top demand across all sectors and occupations.

Your brain will thank you for it!

People who speak multiple languages and/or study more languages have incredible problem-solving skills, improved memory, better concentration, and mental flexibility. 

High school students will become more empathetic and thoughtful.

Learning another language will give you direct insight into another culture. You will have another perspective with which to understand the world.

You will stand out!

Language skills are in high demand but not many in the U.S. speak another language other than English. Reaching a level of proficiency in a foreign language can help you stand out in higher education and future career paths!

Learning a language will open doors to more opportunities later on in life.

Learning another language will help give you access to more educational and professional opportunities not only in the U.S. but across the world wherever the language you are learning is spoken.

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