Benjamin Banneker Academy High School

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School is a magnet high school located in Washington, D.C., that was originally built to serve as a neighborhood Junior High School.

The high school's name commemorates Benjamin Banneker, an African-American scientist, surveyor, almanac author and farmer. In 1980, the school was converted to a magnet high school for academics. The school is colloquially referred to by students and faculty as "Banneker." 

Benjamin Banneker's mission is:

  • To develop our students’ life-long skills for learning, sound moral character, and regard for the welfare of the community;
  • To equip our students with a variety of educational tools needed to achieve academic excellence;
  • To ensure students' preparation for, and admission to, a four year college or university;
  • To prepare students for future leadership roles;
  • And to empower students to compete globally.
Students can enroll themselves in the IB Programme and earn an IB Diploma.

The Benjamin Banneker Academy High School is a Public university located in Washington, DC.
The Benjamin Banneker Academy High School was founded in 1981.
The current president of Benjamin Banneker Academy High School is Anita M. Berger.

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