16 Facts about College applications

Thursday, September 22, 2022

 The college application process can be confusing. We've gathered these 15 facts about College applications to help you.

The college application process can be confusing. We know that the college application process—along with everything it requires, including high school courses, standardized examinations, and financial aid—is a significant cause of stress.


The hardest part comes after selecting the universities to which you should apply: figuring out what looks good on college applications. It's time to start on your applications when you've chosen the colleges on your list!


There are so many things to consider during the whole process—including classes and grades, extracurriculars, essays, letters of recommendation, interviews, and financial aid packages.

Here's the takeaway: The process is knowable and navigable, and we are here to help you get into—and thrive at—your dream school. 


There are several things to consider throughout the entire process, including classes and grades, extracurricular activities, essays, letters of recommendation, interviews, and financial aid packages.


The most important realization is that we're here to share valuable information to help you enroll in and achieve at the school of your dreams and that the application procedure is simple and doable.



In order to increase your competitiveness as a candidate and help you improve your test-taking performance, we've compiled these 15 facts about College applications.


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1. More than 75% of college applicants are accepted by their top colleges.

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2. UCLA receives over 139,500 applications each year.

This makes the UCLA  the college with the most applicants.


3. Impressive college essays.

You may apply to Yale or any other university by writing a college essay about anything as uninteresting as taking a shower! (A person did.)


4. College Applications and Financial Aid.

Despite the fact that 85% of students receive financial help, college debt is still the top worry of parents and students.


5. Each student receives on average a financial aid award of about $15,000!

In order to receive financial aid, students will need to reach out to the schools that they are applying to.


6. Even in test-optional schools, high SAT or ACT scores might open the door to merit-based financial aid for students.


7. Merit-based grants account for about 43% of total institutional aid funding.


8. On the SAT, ACT, or AP tests, there is no penalty for guessing.

Students may have to deal with the SAT, ACT, college visits, and finishing strong during their senior year of high school.


9. A student's high school GPA is the primary consideration for admission at every college.


10.  The power of Social Media for Education.

Social media activity can sometimes hurt college prospects—but it can also help students get into their dream schools.


11. Get to know College App and its deadlines to apply.

As stated in this article: College App Deadlines are on the horizon. Take advantage of winter break! You must Set aside some time BEFORE submission to review each college app. The Common App is a college application that is accepted by more than 900 colleges and universities.

The Common App is not compulsory for students to utilize. Despite being widely used, there are other application portals available.

13. High school students can earn college credit through educational programs.

Institutions like California Baptist University are offering online courses to help students. Students need at least GPA of 2.5 to be able to apply for this programs.


14. There are many different types of College Application:

Types include The Common Application, The Universal Application, Individual College Applications, The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success Application, and A Shared Application for a System of Colleges.


Students can fill out applications on several colleges' and universities' websites. Some colleges only accept applications submitted online.


15. Students could need at least six weeks to finish all the requirements for their applications.

The time it takes to fill out the background questionnaire and collect the necessary documentation could be around two weeks in College App.


16.High school students can start by taking actions towards the College Application as early as their sophomore year.

Sophomores in high school can start to establish a good working connection with their guidance counselor.

We advise high school students to begin their college applications as soon as they can! Even in the second year of high school, some experts advise beginning the college application process. 

Students can begin the application process at any point during their four years of high school if they plan to attend college after receiving their diploma. But since life happens, not everyone can begin their college applications right away. Nevertheless, late is always preferable to never.


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