Here’s why you should consider a career in Architecture!

Friday, August 12, 2022

If you want to find the solution to a sustainable future that will last for generations you should consider an Architecture career after High School. We share why you should consider a career in Architecture!

In today's world where everything changes incredibly fast, architecture should be an important discipline for the well-being of society in general, business and cities.

Architecture is about art, about creativity, about construction and about design at the same time. Studying Architecture might give you more opportunities to utilize your creative abilities, to invest in a more sustainable future and to acquire very interesting skills due to the importance of Architecture nowadays.

We all know that architecture is one of the most profitable and highest paying jobs as well as a creative career. But it's so much more than that.

Graduating from this career opens up a lot of advantages and opportunities for your personal development and growth! Here’s why you should consider a career in Architecture!

Why is Arquitecture so important?

Architecture is one of the various professions in high demand. However, to become a professional, you'll need to study several years to become a licensed architect.

Architecture is actually one of the most beautiful and important fields in the modern world.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you'd like to work with a private firm, have your own design company to work freely on your own projects or just simply want an artistic career in this field, you can build the career path most suitable for you.

If you are still thinking about what to study during your college or university years, don't make the mistake of turning a blind eye to one of the most respected and lucrative options.

Become an architect and your future will be shining with opportunities for creativity, personal growth and success.

Why should you consider a career in Architecture?

For most people architecture is so much more than just a job since it is one of the few careers that gives people the freedom to be a scientist, an artist, and occasionally even an inventor.

A whole new world of opportunities becomes available to someone when they choose to work in architecture, so imagine what new heights you can reach with a professional degree.

The chances and trade-offs in this line of employment are numerous, and the benefits are also quite fulfilling.

The possibilities and advances in your personal development are endless if you graduate from one the best Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from some of the most esteemed universities.


Architects in demand

One of the most beautiful and significant fields in the current world is this in-demand profession. But to be fair, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is hard for some since typically you’ll need at least 4 years to earn the degree.

Any architecture student, however, can choose the career path that is best for them if they are dedicated to achieving it. Additionally, there are a plethora of choices, including working for a private company, starting one themselves, freelancing for individual jobs, or even pursuing a research career in the sector.

Therefore, as anyone considering a master degree in this field, architecture is unquestionably among the most renowned and lucrative.


Expert advice on earning an Architecture degree

Experts like Mounir Tawadrous from KSS Architects agree that, "being an architect extends beyond income; what is crucial is that what you've spent your time constructing — a new community center, for example — will remain for years to come, and make a beneficial impact on others' lives, as explained in a Medium article.

There are so many things to consider when you decide to earn a degree in Architecture. Just the opportunity to increase your salary and improve your quality of life, can make this important decision worth it. What matters the most is if this is really the right decision for you.

Depending on the institution, the course, and the student's residence, tuition varies widely.

Regardless, financial security is only one of the numerous benefits of working as an architect; many architects find fulfillment in their job because they know it improves the lives of others.

Architecture is continuously evolving

Architecture is an age-old profession that has developed since the beginning of time, when people began to build public structures.

Modern technology is being used by the architecture sector to create stronger and safer structures than ever before.

Evolution is one of the forces that drives architects to stay on trend. Since they have to pay attention to the demand for cutting-edge solutions in design, construction techniques, and even artistic modular design.

Buildings are becoming increasingly intelligent every day, styles are being modernized and updated, zoning laws and regulations are changing, energy and material efficiency is a significant priority.

“It’s a good time to be an architect,” says Corey Solum, AIA, a Principal Architect at Think Architecture. He adds: “I’ve been doing this a long time. There’s so much opportunity and enjoyment in what we do. It’s very rewarding to create something for a client and have them be happy with it. What you’ve created at the end of the day makes it very rewarding…There’s a lot of work. To succeed, you must feel comfortable with being diverse. There’s so many things you can do as an architect and you have to be pretty flexible.”

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