Somerset Arts Conservatory

Somerset Academy is a high school located in Pembroke Pines, Florida which teaches grades K-12. The school is operated by Academica, an education management organization, on behalf of Somerset Academy Inc., a charter management organization.

The school was established in September, 1997. This makes it one of the oldest Somerset schools established in South Florida.

The school offers a variety of honors courses. Each honors class awards five points for an A, four points for a B, three points for a C, one point for a D, or zero points for an F to the student's weighted GPA per quarter. Students can opt to take honors courses for their core classes (English, math, science, and social studies), which typically include biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, geography, and history courses. Also, many higher-leveled elective courses give students the opportunity to earn honors credit. There are also advanced placement courses that students can take. These courses can take the place of core subjects and/or electives. The advanced placement courses also require the students to take a test created by College Board close to the end of the school year. The test grades the student based on a five-point system with three being the least that the student must have in order to pass the test and obtain the college credits for the course he/she has taken.

Somerset City Arts Conservatory is a free public charter school that opened for the 2008-2009 school year. Academic achievement will not be sacrificed by the arts; they will be used to enrich the state mandated curriculum by developing well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum, based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards, will be infused with the arts such as visual arts. music, drama and dance.

The Somerset Arts Conservatory is a Public university located in Pembroke Pines.
The Somerset Arts Conservatory was founded in 1997.
The current president of Somerset Arts Conservatory is Bernardo Montero.

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